Ghada Amer: A Woman's Voice Is Revolution

A Woman's Voice Is Revolution, named after the garden created on this occasion at the Mucem (fort Saint-Jean), takes up the themes of the three exhibitions of the Mucem, the Frac PACA and the Vieille Charité (Musées de Marseille), which together present the different modes of plastic expression of the Franco-Egyptian artist, from her beginnings to her most recent creations. The themes she addresses, from the relationship between East and West to feminism, passing through abstract sculpture and monumentality, are analyzed by the curators of the exhibition and authors who follow her work closely. Through interviews conducted in Egypt, particular attention was paid to the way this international artist is received in her country of origin. Finally, the reproduction of more than 170 works put into perspective, whose selection goes beyond that of the Marseille exhibitions, constitutes the major interest of this book. 

Texts by Hélia Paukner and Philippe Dagen, curators of the exhibition, and the following authors: Émilie Bouvard, Sahar Amer, Danji Lee.

Published by Mucem
Text in French and English
Pages: 256


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Ghada Amer: A Woman's Voice Is Revolution
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