How Tina Kim Gallery is bringing Korean art to forefront of world

The Korea Times
By Kwon Mee-yoo

NEW YORK — In the bustling world of contemporary art, few names resonate like Tina Kim, the visionary behind Tina Kim Gallery in New York City. Coinciding with Frieze New York, Kim shared her gallery's pivotal role in bringing Korean art to the global stage and her insights into the evolving art market.


Tina Kim Gallery, established in 2001 in Chelsea, Manhattan, has become a hub for cultural exchange, fostering Korean artists' presence in the global art scene. It began with a commitment to introduce Western audiences to Korean art, which was largely unrecognized in the international arena at that time.

"When I first opened my gallery on 25th Street, there were other Korean galleries around, but they eventually pulled back. I'm proud that through my efforts, many Korean artists' works have been acquired by museums," Kim reflected on the gallery's evolution and her pride in the success of Korean artists abroad during an interview with The Korea Times at her gallery, April 26.

May 5, 2024
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