Highlights from Art Basel Hong Kong 2024


AAP editors share their thoughts on a number of works from the first large-scale, in-person edition of Art Basel Hong Kong since 2019. 

Solo showcases at Kabinett focused attention amid the busy halls of Art Basel Hong Kong this year. You could look deeply into a pair of irises belonging to two closely pressed faces in Kang Seok Ho’s Untitled (2017) at Tina Kim Gallery or admire the late artist’s renditions of fabrics and clothes from his Get Up series (1999–2021). A trio of large textile based paintings by Pacita Abad, including the riotous colors of Typhoon (1990) and the batik-clad figure of Dalang Sesudah Pertunjukan (1995) showed her love of local craft cultures worldwide.

April 2, 2024
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