ADAA The Art Show 2022: Booth C1

Park Avenue Armory, 3 - 6 November 2022 

Tina Kim Gallery is pleased to announce our participation in the ADAA Art Show 2022 with a solo presentation of historical works by the late Asian American artist Pacita Abad (1946-2004), on view at the Park Avenue Armory from Thursday, November 3rd through Sunday, November 6th.
I have given it color showcases rare examples of her critically acclaimed “Masks and Spirits” work with her late culturally-influenced abstractions and material assemblages, the presentation centers Abad’s ability to reflect on a world in transition. Abad proclaims, “I have given it color,” both a nod to her bright palette of hues as well as her use of regional aesthetic traditions and practices to represent life’s vitality. Keenly attentive to material histories, Abad collected elements from her extensive travels to collage into her works. 
Integral to Abad’s work are the multimedia techniques that she developed throughout her practice. Her technical innovations open onto the artist’s underlying belief in the vital spirit of the cultural worlds she immersed herself in, across locations throughout Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States. As a global artist, she exhibited in 22 countries during her lifetime, at venues including the 2nd Havana Biennial (1986); the Asia Society, New York (1994); the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco (1998); the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul (1998); and the Singapore Art Museum (1999).
The gallery is pleased to present this exciting collection of works by Abad, in anticipation of her major traveling retrospective, opening at the Walker Arts Center in Spring 2023, and at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in Fall 2023.




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