Art Basel Hong Kong 2017
Hong Kong
March 23 - March 25, 2017

Kukje Gallery / Tina Kim Gallery
Booth 1C12
Encounters Booth 1E02

Kukje Gallery continues in its efforts to promote Korean artists on an international level while bringing the works of renowned international artists to local familiarity. For the 2017 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, Kukje Gallery is proud to present Kimsooja’s Deductive Object for the Encounters Sector and the works and archive materials of Kwon Young-Woo for the Kabinett Sector.

The Kukje Gallery booth will feature the works of Dansaekhwa artists, including Lee Ufan, Ha Chong-Hyun, Park Seo-Bo, Chung Chang-Sup, Chung Sang-Hwa and Kwon Young-Woo, who spearheaded the avant-garde movement in Korea alongside the works of contemporary Korean and international artists to not only explore he development of modern and contemporary art in Korea but also to further contextualize these works in the landscape of global contemporary art. The works of quintessential contemporary artists including Anish Kapoor, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Julian Opie, Candida Höfer and Bill Viola will also be presented in conjunction with internationally acclaimed Korean artists such as Haegue Yang, Kim Yong-Ik, Kimsooja, and Kyungah Ham.

Such presentation will provide a unique look at the development of modern and contemporary Korean art as well as an opportunity for both major art collectors and broader audiences to encounter works by some of the most significant contemporary artists today. 

Tina Kim Gallery